Training for School Staff
Resource Officers

Responding To School Drug ImpairmentHigh School Girl

This one-day program, is ideal for school staff and school resource officers. It is a “team-teaching” program featuring expert school attorneys Mike Dishman and Dan Murphy teamed with drug specialists Bruce Talbot or Tony Lebron or Michael Drumm.
This new training program gives school staff the recognition tools to document the drug-impaired student or school employee. Establishing reasonable grounds for a suspicion based drug/alcohol test is an important component to random drug testing programs. The drugs students and employees are most likely to abuse, including paraphernalia, concealment techniques, and testing issues, are included. Our experienced school lawyers cover the laws, regulations, and court case decisions involving school employee and student drug use, both random and for-cause testing. Video clips of actual drug abusers under the influence provides a real-life learning basis to recognize and document drug impairment. Our expert team provides school staff with the confidence to conduct a fitness-for-duty action for a suspected drug-impaired employee, and how to legally deal with an impaired student. This seminar has earned outstanding reviews from teachers and school administrators. The program can be custom designed for individual school district needs.

What Drug Is My Student Using?

This is a shortened version of the Responding To School Drug Impairment class. It is taught by a single instructor and focusses on recognizing and documenting the physical symptoms of under the influence of drugs and alcohol. We have recently added student use of medical cannabis products and CBD to this program. The program can be custom designed for individual school district needs and makes a great 2-hour Webinar.

Current Trends in Drug Abuse

This new program is designed for school staff to become up to date with the latest drug trends among adolescents. The class includes an update on adolescent vaping including hands-on materials and effective strategies to combat vaping in schools. The most popular designer synthetics drugs, such as 5F-ADB (“K2/Spice type drugs) and the new trend of counterfeit prescription drugs are presented.  Staff also learn how to safely respond to suspected fentanyl powder. The impact of medical cannabis, hemp, and CBD on schools is also discussed.

Designer Synthetic Drugs

Designer synthetic narcotic drugs including fentanyl analogs, U-47700, and others are now associated with must drug overdose deaths in America. The United Nations reports nearly 100 new synthetics drugs appear each year. This multi-media presentation focuses exclusively on synthetic drugs which are replacing plant based drugs of abuse.  The pharmacology and structure will be presented so as to make a case under the Drug Analog Act as many of the newest synthetics covered in the class are not yet illegal controlled substances.  Includes a sample designer drug complaint for search warrant, and police video of subjects under the influence of designer synthetic drugs. Samples of some of the current designer drugs of abuse drugs, paraphernalia, and exclusive video interview with a 2-Ci overdose survivor are presented in this class.

Drug Free Workplace: Recognizing and Documenting the Drug Impaired Employee

The Talbot Method is a unique two-step process of recognizing and documenting employee substance abuse impairment. Totally hands-off, The Talbot Method trains supervisors that all drugs of abuse, when taken at an intoxicating dose, effect the eyes and body systems in known, predictable ways. Recognizing these easy to spot drug effects allows a supervisor to start an intervention and thus maintain a safe and drug-free workplace. Bruce R. Talbot Associates has several expert trainers in the field of drug impairment recognition and prevention ready to come to your site to help.