Training for the Corporate Setting

Drug-Free Workplafacebook_1455299817744ce: Recognizing
and Documenting impaired Employees      

The Talbot Method is a unique two-step process of recognizing and documenting employee substance abuse impairment. Totally hands-off, The Talbot Method trains supervisors that all drugs of abuse, when taken at an intoxicating dose, affect the eyes and body systems in known, predictable ways. Recognizing these easy-to-spot drug effects allows a supervisor to start an intervention and thus maintain a safe and drug-free workplace. Bruce R. Talbot Associates has several expert trainers in the field of drug impairment recognition and prevention ready to come to your site to help.

But Isn’t There Liability In Looking For
Drug Impairment Symptoms?

As the courts have ruled on drug-free workplace suits over the years, one of the most frequent corporate short comings has been failure to train supervisors and managers. An employee discharged for failure to submit to a fitness for duty examination claims the company supervisor did not have reasonable grounds to make the fitness for duty request because there was no drug-impairment symptom recognition training given to the supervisor.

The real liability is in ignoring drug-impaired employees and thus creating an unsafe workplace. When an employee is injured, the company can be held liable if it can be shown the injury was due to drug impairment and the company failed to take reasonable steps to recognize and remove the drug-impaired employee. Training company supervisors and managers is liability protection!


Workplace Violence Awareness

This dynamic training course addresses threat assessment, violence prevention, intervention and response strategies, workplace factors that contribute to homicides, and key policy considerations and protocols, such as prevention through environmental design. The class features video clips of real workers who plotted killings in the workplace and will help the workplace manager  see into the mind of the violent employee. Designing your workplace to prevent violent assault and a workplace site safety survey are included in the training.



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