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Bruce R. Talbot Associates is dedicated to sharing information with corporate and public sector groups on illegal street, synthetic designer, and over-the-counter drugs. Our tobacco and alcohol training focuses on youth access prevention. We provide experienced and dynamic expert trainers and speakers that conduct innovative multi-media training at your site with programs that are custom-designed for your needs. Your organization can learn unique, non-body invasive, drug-abuser screening techniques, or real-world workplace violence prevention and training techniques.

Bruce R. Talbot was named "Police Officer of the Year" by the Illinois State Crime Commission in
June 2000. He also received the 2001 law enforcement "Aces" award by the Illinois Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
. Bruce has been qualified as an expert witness in criminal courts and has twice been called as an expert witness before two U.S. Senate committees.


Radio Interview Click here to listen to Bruce on Public Radio's "Eight Forty-Eight" public affairs show concerning the new drug trend of synthetic cannabinoids known as Spice, K2 and Red Dragon Smoke being sold in America.


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School Drug User Recognition, Documentation and Testing

How does your school address
student and staff drug abuse?
What are the legal issues?

Mike Dishman JD and Dan Murphy JD, practicing attorneys with expertise in school law, are team-teaching with Bruce and Tony an exciting new program specifically designed for schools. Clink the link below for all the details!

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